Pictured (left to right) Bria Ellis, Guneet Singh, Dara Smith, Diamond Bridges, and Vincent Ball.

Welcome to Find The Beat!

This is an end-of-semester project written by students in Journalism 320: Advanced Multimedia Reporting, a class provided by the Journalism school at Stony Brook University, under the supervision of Professor Pablo Calvi and teaching assistants, Jager Robinson and Raghava Lakshminarayana. Students produced eight multimedia stories for The Osprey and one final feature story for Find The Beat. The final project was headed by Bria Ellis (Editor-in-Chief), Guneet Singh (Managing Editor), Vincent Ball (Story Editor), Dara Smith (Multimedia Editor), and Diamond Bridges (Website Editor).

Find The Beat is focused on covering Music on Long Island.  The stories focus on local Dj sessions, Jazz programs, drum circles, and more.  Each story has two multimedia elements to it: a video or audio slideshow and an infographic.

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