Montauk Concert for the Concerts 2017 Help Fundraise for Local Community

By Yingzi Dong

Hundreds of people crowded in a small oceanside wooden house, a German Restaurant called Zum Schneider. Rhythmic music and drums can be heard miles away, mixed with clapping and laughing.

On Sunday April 23, Montauk Chamber of Commerce held the Concert for the Concerts 2017 event at Montauk to raise money for the annual Summer Monday Night Concert on the Green Series, starting in June. Three Montauk’s top bands, Lynn Blue Band, Joe Delia & Thieves, and 3B’s played for free to help fundraise and share music with the whole community.

“This funds the concerts that we do all season long so we provide free of charge, concerts on the Town Green,” Kiersten Lavery, an event coordinator from Montauk Chamber of Commerce, said. “All seasons for locals, visitors, for anybody who wants to come.”

Montauk Chamber of Commerce is an organization located in Montauk. They host various events throughout the year to benefit local communities and tourists with bands donate performances. “We hold events every year to benefit the community, tourists and local lives to try to get people together,” Lavery continued.

“The Montauk Chamber of Commerce has done a wonderful job because the chamber that sponsors the music festival and the money is going to a very good costs,” Jean Rugles, a local resident  from Montauk, said. “We have 3 wonderful bands here today, and individual singers who performed and I am certainly enjoying myself.”

During the day, the Admission fee is $10 at the door for adults and free for kids and also 50/50 raffle and a free kids raffle.

“The Concert for the Concerts is just good all around the events and you can hear the bands just for 10 bucks, you know, it is just good to be here every year,” Hunter Hartley, a local resident from Montauk, said. “They have free bands, you know, throughout the summer, the concert on Green. This helps to pay all the bands and stuffs throughout the summer.”

The event is open for people of all ages to enjoy live music.

“It’s a good thing to let kids know about live music because a lot of people don’t have access to very expensive concerts which can be incredibly expensive,” Karen Cohen, from News 12 who came just for the music, said. “This way kids, the new generation gets to see what’s the live music like and one of them might be the musician too.”

A band called Lynn Blue Band started 2 years ago, a small 4 piece band with experienced Dave Portocarrero on guitar and vocals, Jim Nanos on base, Alex Sarkis on drums, and Lynn Blue, a singer. Their band plays live music all over Eastern Long Island at some popular places, like Concert for the Concerts at Montauk every year. During the event, they played “Summertime,” “Fire,” a beatle song, and shaky ground written by Blue Lynn, and more.

“I like supporting Montauk events,” Lynn blue, the singer of Lynn Blue Band, said. “You see how many people are here on Sunday afternoon. They are here because Schneider has a good beer. I think they are here because of music. I think they are here because they appreciated all the things the Chamber of Commerce did for the town.”

Another band was the Joe Delia & Thieves. It started in 2010 with Joe Delia, the keyboard and the singer, Klyph Black was the guitar player with James. They play music all over Montauk.

“I think the concerts themselves are well-received and people are really looking forward to what always happen on Monday night,” Joe Delia, an American composer and singer of Joe Delia and Thieves, said. “You can see local people and tourists come to town. Bands set up, and people come here with one chair, family and food and stuff. It’s really like a music festival here.”

Besides the Monday Night Concert, the band also hope to connect to the community with music during the event. “I think the whole Hampton’s music scene is pretty good. Everybody is pretty supportive of it,” Klyph Black, the guitar player of Joe Delia & Thieves.

The event finished at 7:30 p.m. The last band called 3B’s started in 1976 and the singer and bass player have been playing together for 44 years. They were invited to the show this year to help the town.

“It helps not just the local musicians,” Bruce Macarthy, the singer of 3B’s said. “It is a lot of fun giving back to the town on Monday afternoon. You know, on Monday evening, when most tourists go home on Sunday and we have a very nice show on Monday. So I am here to raise funds for it.”

The event was not just benefited with the whole local community, but also attract many tourists from other countries and brought different music cultures together at this oceanside wooden house.

“This is the first time I come to this place and I think it is very typical,” Joe Lev, a 69 years old French musician, said. “I think the event definitely gave me a deep impression of American music culture. I do Blues and Rock and roll. As a matter of fact, next week there is a open-mic night, so I will probably be singing some songs and I do wait for some funs.”

Aside from music and dancing, people can also enjoy delicious German food and famous beer at Zum Schneider restaurant after a long winter. Zum Schneider restaurant, has been at Montauk for 6 years. They offered the space for Chamber of Commerce to support this charity event.

“It is such a small town so we helping out each other here,” Sebastian De Martini, the manager of Zum Schneider restaurant said. “Mostly German food, but we also got burgers in the menu and kids menu, like chicken fingers and hot dogs, stuff like that.”

The next major fundraising event held by Montauk Chamber of Commerce will be on July 4 at Montauk Block Island. There will be a fireworks cruise and boat trip.

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